Setup ring alarm on a different account, having trouble transferring cameras to it

I have cameras associated with one account, then created another account when I bought and setup ring alarm with subscription.

I then tried to move the cameras over (so that I can have saved videos). I removed one from my the other account, but had trouble completing setup with the account associated with the ring alarm.

I am stuck on the wifi setup, which is weird because the camera was in use at the same location! So I wonder if there is more to just my wifi trouble.

How do I transfer the cameras over? They are all at the same address.

Hey @pksleung. Are these cameras on a different Ring account with a different email address, or on another address, but still under the same email address account? In addition, could you take a screenshot of where in the setup you are getting stuck? This could help me better understand what part of the wifi setup is failing for you.

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