Setup of Video Door bell 2 only if don't scan QR code sticker

I spent two days (approx. 12 hours) trying to setup my Ring Video Door Bell 2. After all the failed attempts (to connect the door bell to my modem), I returned the Ring Door bells (same model) to the store for a replacement. I followed the setup & troubleshooting instructions verbatim, but I could not connect to the internet through my modem. I called Ring Support and went through everything, and Support said to return the Door Bell to the store.

After returning/obtaining the third door bell, I finally got the door bell to work (BY ACCIDENT). BUT, if I follow the Ring setup instructions, it does not connect to the internet.

Here is what happened:
After you load the APP and follow the setup instructions, it asks to use the device camera to scan the Door Bell QR code sticker. After doing this many many times, I accidentally left the request to scan the QR code to time out. The door bell then proceeded on to connect to the internet (without scanning the QR code). The only way the door bell works is that you don’t follow the instructions and don’t camera scan the QR code. It is not just my phone camera, because the setup problem happens on my iPAD camera also.

The Video Door Bell 2 works okay now. It only works if I don’t follow the instructions and don’t camera scan the QR code.


  1. What is causing this problem?
  2. Should this “fix” (i.e., don’t scan) be added to the “Ring” setup instructions or troubleshooting instructions?

Hey @bellman. I’m glad you were able to get this sorted out through troubleshooting in your own means! Sometimes QR codes may not work if they have been worn out, corrupted, torn, etc. It’s possible the image for your QR code had an error in it or there was a physical part of it that was off. Either way, this is why we allow the setup without scanning option through the app. This option will automatically prompt like it did for you when you tried to scan to no avail.

We recommend neighbors to try to setup without scanning if the QR code fails, as it’s recommended in the app from what you went through. Feel free to do that in the future if you have this happen again with a future device, or if you ever need to set this up! You can also scan the MAC ID of the device from the code on the back! :slight_smile: