Setup of floodlight cam fails after connecting to Ring network

Attempting to reactivate a deactivated floodlight camera. Going thru the setup process I see the Ring network and join it from my android phone but it always fails with “Hmm something went wrong”. I’ve powered off/on the floodlight cam, restarted my phone (and app). Other cameras at this location were able to join the home network with the new wifi password after being reactivated, just the newest floodlight camera will not complete setup. The home router has also been restarted and as I mentioned, I had no problem getting other floodlight cameras as well as indoor cameras to go through the setup process and reconnect to the home wifi network.
I had Version 3.60 installed on my phone when I tried this. I see 3.60.1 is now installed and I will have to go back to the location to retry setup incase there was a fix in the latest version.

Are location permissions turned on your phone when trying to install? I always forget to do that… Then I turn it off after the set up is done.