Setup not possible

I have received a ring doorbell but when I want to add it to the ring app in my android smartphone it doesn’t work .

1.First I scan

2.The device ask me if the light is rolling

3.I press the orange button -> thrn the light is rolling

4.Then I click on “continue”

5.The device after 5 mn (so long) ask me to connect to a wifi network but it’s not possible because this network does not appear on the list on available wifi servers

The name is “%1$s”

So at the end the device is stuck

Can someone help me please ?

We’re here to help @Drejuju! It looks like you are making it to the step where you connect to the Ring access point in your mobile device’s wifi settings. Please ensure bluetooth / VPN is off and other apps are closed. If this setup network is not showing, try removing the Ring app and reinstalling it on your mobile device.

Once you complete this step it should proceed to your in home wifi connection step. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

This is a mfkin hassel!!! Anyways please, log in to your wifi online website, check your settings. Or call your wifi provider. My wifi didnt show up, because it is “Hidden,” NETWORK, I was able to Unhide it but it still doesnt show up on ring app, so I add it manually. 2nd issue is that it really does take time to set up. My wifi network is WPA2 which ring doesnt have that option so I am unable to connect mine and I’m ready to break this been 2days trying to set this up… goodluck.