Setup issue

I’ve had two wired ring cams for a few months now. We had an issue with our modem and got a new one installed so naturally I had to reconnect the ring cams. The first one I got setup with zero issues. However, the second one, it just keeps repeating the same two steps over and over no matter what I do.

Setup mode—> light flashing—> yes —> connect to wifi—> connect to Ring wifi network… once I do that, it takes me back to the page that asks if the light is flashing. I click yes then it tells me to join the ring network. I do that again, but immediately go back to the “is the light flashing” screen and get stuck in an endless loop of those two pages. I’ve reset the device. I’ve made sure my wifi is on the 2.4 not 5 network. I’ve deleted the device all together and started from scratch and still have the same issue. Help.

Hi, have you tried a reset…, press the button on the cam for 20+ seconds before setting it up. Good luck.

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Same issue here as well. It seems a lot of us have this same problem. So far Ring support has not been able to assist me with correcting this. It is highly frustrating.

Having the same issue as well. Have a Stick Up Cam that I reset and I cannot complete the setup now, the app just goes into a loop asking if the blue light is flashing. Contacted support, they could not assist and would not say that there was any type of widespread issue.

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This has happened to me twice. Both times I just tried to do the setup using a different device and it worked on the first try. I usually use my iPhone to setup devices. When I get stuck in that loop I switch to an iPad and it works.

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I tried with a second iPhone and had the same issue. Clearly there is a problem on their side right now if you can’t setup a camera even when using multiple devices (should work on the first device).

Hey neighbors. This issue is commonly resolved by adjusting a few settings on your iPhone. First, you’ll go to your iPhone settings, then select Cellular. Once there, scroll towards the bottom and look for Wifi Assist, you’ll want to turn this feature off for setup. This automatically switches your wifi to cellular data, which is counterproductive for setup. You’ll also want to make sure that Ring has permissions enabled and allowed. I hope this helps.

I think it is widespread @jpalarchio. Not that it solves our issue any. It’s just frustrating.