Setup and Install: Ring Alarm System & Devices

A complete list of the latest Ring Alarm devices paired with instructions on setup and physical installation. For new Ring Alarm users, watching our setup and installation videos is a great start.

Ring Alarm Base Station: Setup in the Ring App | Installation | Z Wave Manual

Ring Alarm Pro Base Station: Setup in the Ring App | Installation | Alarm Pro Complete Guide

Ring Alarm Keypad: Setup & Installation

Ring Alarm Window and Door Contact Sensor: Setup & Installation

Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor: Setup & Installation

Ring Alarm Motion Detector: Setup & Installation | Motion Detector Settings

Ring Alarm Range Extender: Setup & Installation

Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor: Setup & Installation | Glass Break Settings

Ring Alarm Smoke and CO Listener: Setup in the Ring App | Smoke & CO Listener Test

Ring Alarm Flood & Freeze Sensor: Setup in the Ring App

Ring Alarm Panic Button: Setup in the Ring App

Ring Alarm Retrofit Kit: The Retrofit Alarm Kit: Installation Guides

Additional Alarm Resources: Protect Pro Plan | Registering Professional Monitoring

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The best steps for setting up and installing your Ring Alarm system and devices can be found in our guide below :slight_smile:

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I am trying to replace an existing alarm system with Ring v2 Keypad. I understand that this keypad can be left on a table near my frequent entry, but I would prefer (and imagine most would) it to be on a wall. My current system’s console is attached to the wall as well.

I would like to know the distance between the nails for the wall support.

I was surprised that this information was NOT available in the “Setup / Install” for Ring v2 Keypad.

Any idea where I can find this? Thanks a lot.

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I am unable to successfully set up my device i need hrlp

Hi @user27820. Try posting your specific issue in the Ring Alarm board here.

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