Settings don’t affect notifications

I was away from my home on a day leaves were blowing and setting off motion alerts for my floodlight camera. I first tried pausing alerts for all devices for 4 hours and the alerts didn’t stop. All devices were showing the icon that they were paused. Then I tried switching my cameras to detect faces only. This did nothing to slow down the alerts (I checked the video and there was not a parade of people going past the cameras). I turned off all the push notifications in the app, and the alerts kept coming. I ended up uninstalling the app for the day. Am I missing something?

Hi there, @Chris_A! It certainly sounds like you are doing everything correctly in the Ring app. Please ensure your mobile device does not have a vpn enabled when attempting to change these settings. Using the motion alerts toggle or the motion snooze feature, should result in not receiving alerts as intended. Try testing this out while you are home to see if there is a difference in response from your Ring devices. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: