Setting up Ring Doorbell Pro Power Kit

This is what I’ve got to work with for my door chime. There are no screws, so I can’t just attach the Pro Power Kit 2 to the screws.

How do I make this work? Can this work? Or is it a lost cause?

Hey @JanArrah. Do you know what kind of chime kit this is? You can see a full list of compatible chime kits here for the Ring Video Doorbell Pro!

No clue.
It came with the house and I’ve googled and looked through that list and nothing looks like what is on the chime itself. So… there is that.

I just know I have no screws to attach the Power Kit 2 to the chime. Just 2 wires, red and black. I know power wise it should be powerful enough since that fuse does the whole living room and basically front of the house.

@JanArrah It seems you may be able to utilize the wiring by “bypassing” the internal chime kit. This is explained in our Ring Help Center Article here, but what this will do is eliminate the internal chime kit as an option of being used while still making sure you can use those wires available! Similarly, you can always wire it directly to the transformer in the wiring guide here. The Direct To Transformer option will show Two Ring Video Doorbell Pros, so feel free to just ignore the duplicate in that diagram!

Thanks. I just discovered the thing I thought was my door chime is actually set for an old brinks home security system. My chime is in another part of the house.

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