Setting up Gen3 stick up cams.

When setting up a Gen3 stick up cam with SOLAR ARRAY, when you plug in the solar array it’s confused and thinks it’s hard wired.

Do I ignore that? I think it should be ignore because when I enabled it, thinking that was correct (and Ring’s documents do not mention ANY of this anywhere in the docs), it drained the battery. So I had to reset both cameras and tell it it’s not hard wired.

If that’s the case, I can assume the solar panels are still charging the batteries, right? We have no idea if they are getting charged and unlike the old Gen1 cams, I could easily see the battery health. Now I have to click the battery icon to see the health.

In the Windows APP it doesn’t show battery health at all. How did this get into production for consumers? Why can’t this device know the difference between SOLAR and HARDWIRE?

Ring? You need to fix this.

Hi @jarbarian. The Dual Power Mode is a special feature of Ring’s Stick Up Cam that allows you to select how your camera is being powered, which is the prompt that you saw. By selecting Battery mode, you will use a different method of motion detection that helps to preserve battery life. By selecting Wired mode, you will get a more powerful (but more power-intensive) method of motion detection that would quickly drain a battery.

The Solar Panel provides a trickle charge to your Camera’s battery, so choosing the Battery mode may be the better option to preserve the battery life. Choosing the Wired mode will likely drain the battery more quickly than the Solar Panel can charge it. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile:

Sort of.

The problem is the documentation isn’t clearly stated. The camera says “You plugged in power!” when that is not the case and now we have confusing messages.

So I assume, if I say “yes, I plugged in a cable but it’s not POWER, its SOLAR” then I leave it to battery and it’ll trickle charge on its own? My concern was not setting it to power, it would not get a charge from the solar panels.

You need the documentation cleared up so there’s no confusion on plugging in solar vs power.

@jarbarian Thank you for sharing your feedback, I’ll be sure to pass it onto the appropriate team. When utilizing the Solar Panel with the Stick Up Cam, using the Battery mode will provide the longest battery life and ensure that the Solar Panel can provide a trickle charge to the Camera. This will help keep the battery topped off. :slight_smile: