Setting The Alarm

The other day we set our alarm in the Away mode, for the first time. However, when we returned home the system was not armed. It was as if we never had set it.

I enetred our code, then pressed Arm, #5 on the diagram I printed out from the on-line instructions. Did I forget to do something ?

Hey @madman. That is indeed the proper way to arm your system! If you go into the Event History in the Base Station around that time that it happened, is there any record of an incorrect pin, unable to arm, or anything like that? Normally, if the system was unable to arm, it will list this here. If you can’t seem to find this information, it’s possible it may go back to the keypad have a problem communicating to the Base Station. I recommend to try to arm your system in your free time and ensure in your Ring app that it shows as armed. Let me know what you find or if it’s working when you try to arm it now!