Setting schedule for spotlight cam

We have a camera set up in our front office area and would like it to only be active after hours. We have set up a Motion Schedule so we don’t get alerts during the day but the Camera is still logging events all during the day. The result is that the battery is draining in less than a week.

Is there a way to schedule Motion Snooze so the camera is off during certain time periods?


Currently there is no way to have it only record at certain times. There are many new features in the works, and supposed to be coming pretty soon, but I’m not sure if this is one of them. Though I can tell you it’s a hugely requested feature, in my experience.

My suggestion to you would be to add it (or give “kudos” or a thumbs up if you see it there already) to the feature request thread at the top of the cameras community.


Hi, the ability to disable motion triggered videos has been raised historically, and I am not sure why it has not been addressed yet. Especially has it has a disproportionately negative effect of battery cameras where the balance between the number of videos and overall battery life is key. Being able to offer ‘snooze recordings’ would indeed be most helpful. But it would be a global schedule, rather than the ‘snooze alerts’ which is per phone/tablet currently (this should also be offered as a global setting).

There is only one model that has anything like this feature currently and that’s the new Stickup cam, which has a “motion record” toggle. BUT it is a camera setting rather than one that can be scheduled currently. I assume if was meant to interact with the Ring Alarm Arm/Disarm protocol but it doesn’t do so yet.


I agree @Murray , this is a popular request, especially for battery powered devices. While we have the motion snooze, which will disable the actual notifications, there is no feature that would disable recordings. Of course we want to ensure you receive every recording possible, but we also believe in giving our neighbors the power to choose. This would be an excellent addition to the App feature request board.

Meanwhile, motion can be limited manually by disabling or lowering zones and sensitivity, just remember to readjust when you want motion to detect.

When I discovered that this basic option (scheduled times for disabled recording) was unavailable for a battery powered device - I returned my Spotlight cam.

Having the option to schedule alerts but not schedule motion activated recording is ridiculous. Come on Ring, add this “feature” to the next development sprint.

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Be on the lookout for Modes in the near future. Thanks!