Setting Ring Alarm modes as routine trigger in Alexa

I’ve created simple routines in Alexa using Ring Alarm modes as triggers, so when the alarm is set to “Away”, Alexa would perform some action, and when it’s set to “Disarmed” Alexa would perform another action. When I run the routine manually it works, but Alexa does not respond to the actual mode changes as if it’s not listening to the alarm.
Everything else works. I can tell Alexa to arm or disarm the alarm, it gives me the current alarm mode when asked and so on. So there is no problem with communication.
Any ideas? I’m competely puzzled.


For giggles, I just tried it and it works fine. In the past I have had alexa say the back door is open when it did.

This time I told it to tell a joke when ring is set to disarm

I also made one to turn on a light

Make sure the routine is enabled?


I finally made it work by disabling Ring skills, logging out of Alexa, re-enabling skills and logging back in. Some strange glitch I guess…

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