Setting keypad to main door after initial setup

How do I go about resetting a keypad to be a main door after it has been set up.

Hi @user9303. Are you referring to a Keypad or to a Contact Sensor? The Keypad doesn’t have any settings for placement such as a Main Door, but the Contact Sensor does. If your Contact Sensor Placement is set to Main Door, you can customize your entry and exit delays to have enough time to leave after arming, or enter and disarm. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile:

Caitlyn, Thank you very much. No wonder i couldn’t find it I was looking under the keypad not the contact sensor.

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@user9303 You’re welcome! There’s a lot of different settings available with the Ring Alarm, so feel free to search the Community or our Help Center for any other questions you might have as well. :slight_smile: