Setting different motion notification schedules in HOME and AWAY

How can I set one Motion notification schedules in HOME mode and a different schedule in AWAY mode.

At the moment I need to set up two or even three notification schedule for each of my 3 Spotlight Cameras and select an option for each camera when I leave home. It would be great if I could set a motion notification in HOME mode and a different schedule in AWAY mode.


Modes and Motion Scheduling are different features from one another. The Modes will allow you to change between pre-customized Modes to place the included Cameras in the desired state of operation.

With Motion Scheduling, you can certainly have multiple schedules setup, however, these do not control your Modes. I recommend also ensuring these schedules do not overlap. You can schedule Ring Alarm modes, but you cannot schedule Modes for your Cameras at this time.

Feel free to check out our Feature Request Board and vote on the requests there. :slight_smile:

So I assume that (at the moment) I can’t set different Motion Notification schedules in different Modes.

It would be very useful as I have scheduled Motion Notifications in Home Mode but not able to have other scheduled times in Away Mode.

I wonder if Ring will do that in the future.

Thank you for your assistance