Setting chime alerts

We have one Ring doorbell, and two phones accessing the Ring device information.

We changed the doorbell to a Halloween sound, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. Now have changed it to a non-holiday chime. The plug-in chime by the door is just fine. But WHERE is it that I change the chime that plays on the app on my phone? My wife is still doing “gobble”, and mine is the default doorbell ring, but the chime by the door is “Charge!”, which is what we just set.

I CANNOT find how I did this before.

Having no idea as to what phones you both have. A quick Google search will find your answers.

The reason I am asking here is because “a quick Google search” did NOT give me my answer.

When someone presses the Ring doorbell, the Chime I have plugged in inside the house rings like a doorbell. I can select which kind of sound if played on the Chime, using the Ring app.

When the Ring doorbell rings on the Chime, it also rings on the Ring app on my phone. The same with my wife’s phone.

The problem is I simply cannot find WHERE on the app I am able to set which sound is played on the phone app, as opposed to what sound is played on the Chime. I clearly did it once - that’s why it’s playing a sound on my phone when the doorbell rings. I just can’t find that setting.

Trying to craft a useful phrase to convince Google to give up the correct answer is difficult. Again, that’s why I’m posting on a Ring forum, to try to get a specific answer.

Hey @sweyhrich! This option can be found in the settings specific to your device in the Ring app.

Open the Ring app > tap menu (top left) > select Devices and choose your device > select Device Settings > select Alert Settings > and finally, select App Alert Tones.

There is also the option to differentiate alert tones based on event type, such as choosing a unique sound for Doorbell rings versus motion detected. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I’ve finally had an opportunity to look at this on my wife’s phone. Both on hers and mine, it appears that the ring should be the default. But on her phone the ring is the Thanksgiving “gobble” that we somehow set up two months ago. The Chime inside has a different ring. I can’t find on that web page where to set the ring on the App on her phone when the doorbell is pressed on the Ring.

With regard to the instructions:

  • Tap the three dots next to the device name you want to set up with a custom App Alert Tone.

There are no dots next to the device name. I can select the device, but no dots.