Setting changes in app don’t take effect

When I try to change a motion alert setting or turn off lights on spot cam, the changes I make in the app either don’t take effect and continue to stay on the settings I installed with or take upwards of 20-30 minutes to go into effect. If I snooze motion I still get motion alerts; if I turn off lights being connected with motion on spot cam, lights still trigger with motion.

Same problem. Changes dont get saved. Testing with 3 ring spotlight cam wired versions.

Hi neighbors! The best first step here is to ensure the Ring app is optimally integrated with your mobile device to ensure these settings changes are initiating on the device. Please try to remove and reinstall the Ring app on your mobile device, as well as disable bluetooth and VPN. I recommend also trying to change these motion settings with your mobile device connected to wifi only, and data only to see if one connection is more efficient.

Once the above is confirmed, please try the following:

  • Toggle the motion setting On in the Ring app.
  • Trigger a motion on your Cam to save the setting.
  • Toggle the motion setting Off in the app.
  • Trigger a motion on your Cam to save the setting.
  • Trigger another motion to confirm settings saved properly.

Please ensure the wifi signal, or RSSI, to your Cams is also sufficient for communication, and your motion settings should save. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

OK thank you - will try this tonight. I am running the app on two different devices under the same login, does this affect the setting to not save?

Thanks @davemcp! Having multiple devices logged in to the same Ring app account should not cause this concern, although it will certainly help to give you two devices to test on. Looking forward to the results :slight_smile: