Setting a different alert chime tone for stickup cam .

Hi all…

Prior to today my setup was a Doorbell pro and 2 chimes ( 1 in kitchen , 1 in hallway.) . All working as should.

Both chime tones are set to Navi tone for motion at the doorbell, and " ring default " tone for rings pushes.

Today I added the All new stickup cam , plug in. Got the cam to work and alert on motion ok,,, BUT... there doesnt seem to be any way to set a different chime tone for the stickup cam, i.e. a different tone to the ring pro… so, apparently no way to distinguish between motion at the ring pro (at front door) , or motion at the stickup cam ( in Back garden) . I get the Navi tone on the chimes, irrespective of which device has been triggered.

I would have thought that being able to set a different tone should be pretty fundamental… Am I missing something ??

Any help appreciated. Thanks, John ( in UK )

Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community @Johnboy! At this time, our Chime devices can only assign one tone per alert type (motion / ring), and cannot assign a different tone per linked device. With you having two Chime devices there, we recommend dedicating one to the Cam and the other to the Doorbell in order to achieve different alerts.

This is something that has been requested in the past, and I will definitely share your feedback with the team to reinforce the value in this feature! I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Okay… Many thanks.

Just wanted to check it wasn`t me missing something really obvious.


I have the same request.