Set zoom at feild of vision

After installing multiple FloodLight Cam Pros, I recall setting a default zoom to focus on a specific area. For example, my high-roof camera captured a broad view of 200 feet and the adjacent road. This feature allowed creating a custom viewing area with motion zones, minimizing distortion. Even though the trimmed-off section was recorded, you had to manually adjust the video for playback, providing a useful default zoom. Wondering if this functionality was removed from the Android app or if my memory is playing tricks on me.

Side Note anyone know how to be notified if someone responds ? I dont get an app push notice or email if an expert replies

Hi @EcoDieselDave. There’s no option to set a default zoom on any Ring devices. It may have been a different brand’s smart home device that had a feature like this. You’re welcome to add this as a suggestion to our Feature Request board if you’d like.