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Employer sent invite. Base will not connect. Says registered to someone else. Help!!?

Hello @Christopher01 ,

I may be misunderstanding what you are saying, and if so, I apologize. But here’s what I think you are saying.

When you said, “Employer sent invite", it sounds like your employer has a Ring Alarm system at your place of employment, and sent you an email to give you access to the Base Station as a " **Shared User.” ** You may or may not own any Ring devices yourself (this is not a requirement to make a Ring account), but you can create your own Ring email account and use the Ring App as a “Shared User” to access the employer’s alarm system.

Then you wrote, “_Base will not connect. Says registered to someone else. Help!!?” _ You probably did not see the Base Station on your Ring App. You can not install the Employer’s Base Station onto your App. It is already is owner and registered to your employer, and installed on the employer’s Ring email account.

There is a good possibility, when you created your Ring account, that your address does not match what your Employer designated on his account. Check to see that when you want to access the Employer’s Base Station, that you are looking at the correct address location. Also when the Employer sent you an invite, they might not have fully completed the steps on their App to ‘grant’ you access.

So, if I’m understanding you correctly, then the follow may help you:

On your App (as the “Shared User” ):

  • Check the top ofyour App to insure that if you see multiple “location selections” available on the your Dashboard (tap on the location that is just right of the 3 horizontal lines), then you need to select the location that shows your Employer’s address/location that does already have the Base Station on it.

On the Employer’s **“Owner” ** App, ask them to:

  • Double check, on the Employer’sApp (that the Employer logged on with their “Owner” email/password) to insure they not only send the email ‘invite’, which you then clicked the link to ‘accepted’ the email invite, but that indeed they also remembered to give you permission for access to the Base Station.
    • Main Menu 3 horizontal bar icon, upper-left-corner of Dashboard) > Control Center > Shared Users > “Manage” for Owner location > Employer clicks on your name > double check the Alarm Base Station equipment is toggled (swipe right) blue enabled.

    • If it is indeed showing that the toggle has “App access granted” for you, then I recommend your Employer go and un-toggle (swipe left), pause, and then re-toggle (swipe right) back enabled. It’s rare, but sometimes a ‘glitch’ somewhere in the App can deny permission even while showing the toggles in the correct position. Cycling the toggle just re-sends the granting-permission again.

Hopefully, one or both of the two things will grant you access to the Employer’s Base Station. If not, then I recommend you and your Employer telephone Ring Support for help and they can look at both your accounts to determine what is causing the issue:

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, their available hours have been changed also:


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