Set up of 3 camera's

I purchased the 3 camera set from QVC. My intent is to have 2 set up outside my home and the other one set up inside my dad’s home, who lives about 5miles away. My question is,

  1. Do I have to scan all three devices separately when setting up and do the set up 3 times?

  2. Will I be able to talk to my dad through the device?

Thank you,


Hi @Domill! There are a few options to accomplishing this. You can certainly setup all 3 Cams in your app, in which the Cams would be separated by location. If your Dad wants to be the owner of his Cam, he would need to create a Ring account and log in to the Ring app to setup the device at his location. He can then add you as a shared user.

Either method will allow you to live view and initiate two-way talk with dad! :slight_smile: