Set the Mode to Away but one camera remains active?

Hi all,

I have my Home mode set to turn off all cameras bar two. For some reason, when I set the mode to Home, one of the cameras now refuses to turn off. Why? It’s been working perfectly fine until yesterday.

One thing I have noticed is that it’s now saying low battery power so displaying the red battery symbol, but surely this wouldn’t stop it turning off as that would actually help conserve battery!?




I’ve changed the battery and this has resolved the issue, but why given what I stated above?

Hi @Yelper85. When a camera has a low battery, some features are not available, so your camera can remain operational for the longest amount of time.

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Hi @Tom_Ring,

So you’re saying that turning motion off on a camera that has low battery is actually more power consuming that keeping the motion detection on, and I assume, the recording of any motion? That makes no sense.

What’s odd is that I had two other cameras go into low power over the weekend, yet when I set the mode to Home, they did turn the camera off, so that again seems to indicate there’s a problem as it doesn’t follow a pattern.

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