Set motion detection differently for driveway and street beyond

My elite cameras are positioned above the garage door looking at the driveway and the street beyond. I wish to get a recording of the driveway and street when anything moves in the driveway or the street. I do not want a notification when motion is detected in the street. I do want a notification when anything moves in the driveway. I would prefer a differentiated notification when a person is detected in the driveway.
I would think that this is a fairly common desire, but I cannot find any instructions on how to do this. Motion zones don’t seem to deal with this (if each had its own setting for motion detection, motion alert, and person alert that would probably work).
How do other users handle this situation?

Hi @c8d625ea30aeaeb24965. There is not an option to set different motion detection or notification settings within individual Motion Zones. You’re welcome to add your feedback to the request for this feature in our Feature Request board here. This helps us to organize and share your requests and feedback with our teams here. :slight_smile: