Set indoor camera to Armed

We have a detached shed and after a breakin we set an indoor camera in there. It is plugged into power and connected to the wifi.

I would love to be able to set it as armed or to have some alarm function other than just an alert for motion detection. I’m hoping something like this exists and I just haven’t found it. The main concern is if someone breaks into it, the motion alert won’t be enough to wake me. I haven’t found how to make an audible alert for one camera or ideally arm that camera when set to home.

Any advice welcome

I’m wondering why you put the camera IN the shed. You should think about preventing or dissuading folks from getting in there in the first place. A good choice would the spotlight battery camera that would turn on the spotlight with motion (as long as there is not already a lot of ambient lighting out there in which case the spotlight will NOT come on). You could also look into some motion activated, solar powered security lights and there are lots of choices on Amazon. Other than that, I don’t believe your indoor camera will be able to cause any sort of alert other than the notification sound. I think if you have the Ring Alarm system, there are ways to tie in exterior cameras with that but I’m not an expert on those systems so perhaps others can chime in here.

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We already have a ring system that covers around the house, sides, and entrance of the shed but they took off a panel on the back. We do plan to add one behind it as well but it has not arrived yet and would like the additional piece of mind having something inside the shed too