Server Response Code was 500

I find that I cannot delete videos from my Ring Doorbell on my laptop using Windows 10.
Everything appears to be working until I press the final ‘Delete All’ and then I get the message 'Something went wrong :frowning: Server response code was 500.
I can delete everything using my IPad but why can’t I do it on my laptop ?

Hi there, @RealMarine! Does this error code appear when attempting to delete individual events on your Windows 10 Ring app? Please ensure there is not a vpn enabled when using the Ring app on your windows 10 device. As you mentioned this working on your mobile device Ring app, this certainly narrows it down. I recommend also logging in at via web browser, on your windows 10 computer, to see if events can be deleted there. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you. I can’t delete individual or multiple videos on Windows 10. I have just logged into via my web browser and only have 1 live view stored but can’t delete that either. My VPN is almost always off. Thanks again.