Serious help needed! Stalker alert!

Arrgghh, this is a bit of a long, confusing story but ill try explain the best i can. I had my ring doorbell set up to my Alexa, both of them were my accounts, only i have access to those accounts. My then partner upgraded the Alexa and said he will have my old alexa at his (i had no need for it). So before i gave it to him i done a factory reset on it, which he then had to obviously sign into his amazon account via alexa, but the problem is once hes signed in with his account on the alexa, he will ask her to show him the front door which brings up MY doorbell. We’re no longer together and its just getting weird now. Ive disconnected the ring skill from my alexa app, changed my passwords just incase and then enabled the skill again but its changed NOTHING! I literally dont know what i can doooooo!

Just to add, ive looked on my ring doorbell app and theres literally no sign of his account or shared access etc there. I’ve looked into everythinnnng i can think of, so im hoping someone here may have had similar issues. All else fails ill be buying a new one, in the hopes that that will work.

Thank you.

Moving your Ring devices over to a new account will ensure that they are not added to any other linked accounts. Checking your Amazon or Alexa account can ensure for the same. Our support team will be happy to assist further with this.

Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.