Serial Number in App - Still Asking

I see all the posts from a year ago asking, pleading and downright begging for the serial number to be made available in the app. I see the MAC address, but cannot find the serial number anywhere in the app or on line… I find it hard to believe that a company born of the internet-of-things-technology cannot figure out how to electornically display a serial number for a device that is uniquely registered to my app. Barring that, I find it hard to beleve that the Ring cannot go old school and simply note in the installation instructions (the paper ones inside the box, and app tutorial and online instructions) that the owner should take a picture of the serial number BEFORE screwing the device to an outside wall in 30 degree weather. Instead, Ring does the opposite - it affirmatively misleads you by directing you to scan the codes on your particular device to give it a unique ID when installing, which a reasonable person would think includes the serial number. Shame on you, Ring. It’s not rocket science