Separate zones on Ring Floodlight Plus?

I already have other ring cameras, but been debating about getting a floodlight camera. My problem is I want it recording any little motion from as far as it can see but I do not want the flood lights turning on all the time at night. For example, my other cameras can see the cars in the road. I want this floodlight camera to also capture that motion and record but only turn on the floodlights if someone is on my yard.

I don’t think they have separate zones but I wanted to verify that. Daytime won’t be an issue but I just don’t want that floodlight on most of the night from the street traffic. I would probably have to just make the total zone closer to my house and miss out on the recording of the street traffic.

Thanks in advance for the confirmation either way.

Hi @NiceMann. Yes, it is possible for your Floodlight Cam to record and not have your lights come on. You can control Motion Activated Lights and have that toggled off, or setup a Light Schedule for the hours you want the lights turned on. You can learn more about these features here.