Separate smoke and Co detector

Currently there have a smoke detector on the ceiling and a plug in C/O alarm. I am planning to add a smoke and co listener and was hoping to just put one, will it be able to hear the Co alarm If it’s a few feet away?

Glad you asked, @Mendozj015! The Listener’s optimal range is within six inches of the Smoke/CO detector with the microphone vent facing the device. A few feet would definitely be too far for this to operate as intended. Check out our help center article about the Listener for more information. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


i live in the UK and i have the ring alarm, but can i purchase the smoke and CO listener from the US and use it in the UK?

Hi @william7297. The Smoke and CO Listener is not currently designed for use in the UK, so if you purchase it from the US and try to use it in the UK, it will not work properly. We don’t have any information to share on when this accessory will be available for purchase and use in the UK, but you can find product and feature updates in our Ring Updates and Ring Device Tips and How To’s boards. I’d recommend keeping an eye out there and on our website for any new product releases or updates. :slight_smile:

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