Separate Notifications for Motion Zones

Maybe I’m not using the Motion Zones correctly or maybe this can’t be done, but I have 2 motions zones, the Default, which I actually expanded to be the full screen instead of the default with the top 20% missing and then a custom one that is called “On Property”.

What I would like to have happen is to get a different notification when someone steps “On Property” as opposed to when they are just in the default zone.
For Example: “There is a Person at your Property”.
Is this something that is possible?


This is not a feature at this time, however, it is a Feature Request than can be voted on in our feature request board. We always value our neighbors feedback and share it with our teams here. :slight_smile:

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This is very important feature to help ring owners safely monitor their streets and neighborhood.


Why are we able to set two sets of zones, if we cant operate them individually? Meaning set one that notifies you, and a second that is silent. I would like both to record, but only my main zone, the front yard to sound an alarm. But record the cars in the street and anything else it sees, but not notify me for those.


Could you please implement that right away. I cant believe that wasn’t set up already.


I also get hundreds of notifications per day. If you have multiple zones then each should have different notifications.


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