Separate motion recording from light duration with auto shutoff (wired floodlight)

Hello. I have the auto shutoff time on my wired floodlight cam set to 30 seconds and the recording time after motion is detected to 120 seconds. It looks like when the camera detects motion the light remains in for the whole duration of the recording after motion finishes (that is, 120s) como,Etel y ignoring the auto shutoff setting.

Is this normal? And is there any way that I can set it so that the light is off 30 seconds after motion is detected but it keeps recording for 120 seconds?


Hello neighbor! Changing the auto-shutoff duration time is the right thing to do. Please ensure there is not a VPN enabled on your mobile device and that your RSSI in the device health section of the Ring app, is optimal.

To confirm, you are likely changing this under the Light Settings > Light Motion options section in the Ring app. Please also check the Floodlight Camera lights toggle duration. While it should not conflict or make a difference with your already selected duration, try visiting your Floodlight Camera in the Ring app and toggling the lights on via the lights toggle, then tap “Edit” on the banner that pops up towards the bottom of the screen. This will also allow you to adjust duration, in which it’s worth seeing if this will help with your motion lights duration.

Please note that lights may continuously trigger if detectable motion persists in the area, resulting in lights seemingly staying on past the duration set. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hello! I can confirm no VPN is in place and that I’m changing the right setting. However every time that there is a motion alert the light remains on for the whole duration of the recording (120 s), rather than the 30 seconds that I configured the auto-shutoff to engage on Light settings → Motion zones

I also confirm that the lights sty on even if there is no further motion during the 120s of the recording instead of switching off after 30 s since the last motion detection.

Thanks in advance for your help

As long as your motion recordings are following the recording duration, and your lights are following the light duration when they are triggered by themselves (without a motion event), then the Floodlight Camera will be operating as intended.

As for lights coming on during motion events, changes were made to the way the lights trigger on the Floodlight Cam so that they will come on with every motion event. This is to help prevent missed events for the lights and to ensure there is proper lighting for your video. We appreciate your feedback in regards to this and will ensure it is shared with our teams here. You can learn more about the expected behavior of your lights with your Floodlight Cam in our Help Center article here , which has been updated to reflect this change. :slight_smile:

Our support team is also available if you feel your Floodlight Camera is simply not operating as intended or explained above. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Amazon and Ring did a horrible update to floodlight devices in October 2021 that ruined the light settings working correctly as advertised.
Now anytime the separate camera sensor senses motion in your motion zones, the lights will come on every single time no matter how far away the motion is including headlights and flying insects now.
Now, after October 2021 horrible update, setting your separate light settings on minimal distance so the lights only come on when someone gets close to the device does not work anymore and has not worked correctly since October 2021.
It also now ignores light durations in light settings, staying on for the whole recording.
The flood light used to work perfect with the lights only going on when someone got close to it.
Absolutely disgusted with ring and Amazon changing the device I paid for.
Search the thread,
“All of a sudden my flood light lights are sensitive”