Sensors Working?

How do I know if all my sensors are working (protecting my house)? I know I can open every door or window to verify a contact sensor or walk through every area to verify a motion sensor but thats not convenient. What about my my freeze alarm connecting through a range extender. How do I know if its still connecting to my base unit? Is there a test I can do from my phone or computer?


Good questions @menltkns ! The Alarm devices are designed to check in throughout the day on regular intervals. If a ‘check in’ is missed you will then be notified that a sensor might be offline. This notification comes through as normal and as an email, if you have it enabled. There is also a history you can check under each Alarm device which will let you know when that last event was for reference.

At this time there is no feature for checking if a device is connecting to the Range Extender versus the Base Station. Best practice is to use your Range Extender where you think it might help the further devices the most, they will connect if they need to.

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Thanks, I didn’t know it checked on each sensor during the day. Is that written anywhere in the manuals? Also I didn’t see anything in the event history regarding any checks being done. Where would I see that? Thanks, John

The Alarm devices check in constantly with the Alarm Base Station, and the Base Station constantly monitors the health of the network. In the event that the periodic check fails, the system will alert the user with a “Device Offline” notification.

While it does not show in the app, rest assure that it will certainly alert you if anything fails during the check. :slight_smile: