Sensor for pocket door

Does anyone have any suggestions for instillation of a sensor on a pocket door? The door opens in, so the sensor would have to be installed on the outside for it to work (which defeats the purpose of having an alarm sensor). I previously had AT&T digital life, and they had installed a recessed sensor in the door. I doubt it would be compatible with Ring. Do you know of any recessed sensors on the market that are compatible with Ring?


Hey @mesites, can you please attach a photo of where you are attempting to mount it? Having this picture will help us in the Community figure out where a good placement for you will be!

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This is a common request when it comes to alarm systems and door/window contact sensors. There are a multitude of recessed z-wave sensors on the market that can connect to the Ring alarm system. For the unaware, a recessed door/window sensor is hidden when the door/window is closed. However, Ring only allows these third party sensors to chime the base station when the door/window is opened. It does not activate the alarm nor does it allow a notification to be sent.

It’s 2020. There is no need to place a brick sensor on the outside of your door or window. Many potential customers look elsewhere when they discover the only sensor option is obtrusive and aesthetically unpleasant. Ring must allow third party sensors full access or produce one of their own. It’s a lost sale over a $20 sensor.

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