Sensitivity Settings

I’m not sure how to adjust sensitivity levels for my Ring devices. I have a floodlight cam monitoring my backyard and a wired spotlight covering my front door. Every cat, rabbit, squirrel… even had a spider (on the device lens) has triggered an alert. Me leaving and or coming home, friends dropping by or people leaving stuff in my mailbox (right under the spotlight) goes undetected.

My spotlight is set to least sensitive and it’s missing people but still capturing critters. My floodlight is one notch up from least sensitive. I’m not so much as worried about animals passing though my yard but I would like to be kept informed of people that are passing though.

How else can I fix this?

Hey @Daywalker27! In addition to testing out different setting configurations, try physically angling the Cams. This may help with field of view, and different zone coverage. I recommend also drawing multiple zones, versus one large zone. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: