Sensitivity of Doorbell 2

Ive purchased a ring doorbell 2 and have played around with settings but not gettiny very far. The doorbell works but it doesnt seem to pick up anyone until theyre half way up drive. Doesnt pick up movrment at bottom of garden and yet it picks up cars driving past having turned around in cul de sac.

Ive got it on highest sensitivity and frequency but it seems to lag if that makes sense.

I dont have the wedge mount fitted but wouldnt say its that much of a slope and as mentioned it picks up cars coming from right to left but not left to right…

Hi @Arp1978. The Doorbell is designed to detect and alert you to visitors at your door, but the angle of the Doorbell can impact this. I’d suggest trying out the Wedge Mount to adjust your Doorbell’s view downwards slightly. This will allow it to have more of a focus on the walkway to your door and your garden, which may help improve its motion detection in regards to visitors to your property.