Selling a house with Ring Alarm


I’m currently in the process of selling my home with a Ring alarm system. What is the easiest way to transfer the entire system to the new owner? This includes 15+ open/close sensors, alarm listener, motion detectors and a first alert z-wave detector.


Hi @monzttr. While there is no way to “transfer” the ownership, the new owner will have to walk through the setup process as if they were starting new! If you want to make this experience easy for them, I recommend to go into your Ring app, remove each Alarm Devices one at a time from the app. Once they are all removed, then go into the Ring app and unregister the Base Station. When you have that unregistered,give them this to reference and tell them that if they wish to use it, they’ll create a Ring account and set it up in the Ring app.

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As super intuitive most of the other features of this Alarm system are, that’s not a intuitive or user-friendly option at all. It would be a simple thing to DEV out a option in the app or online to change the the email address and Two_Factor options, with a confirmation step or two, via email and sms. And then boot out all active sessions. So the user would need to login with the new email address. I know I have my sensors stuck all over the place and it would be a major pain to unstick them or pop them off to get at the QR code… It looks like the user can do everything except alter their email address, that’s all what should be needed.

Hi @rebelrk. Thank you so much for your feedback on this! I will make sure to pass this onto the appropriate teams for you so we can look into the possibility of doing this further. The major reason for needing to unregister the Base Station is because one neighbor’s information is linked to the Alarm for the monitoring purposes. One note that I would like to make as well is that with the QR codes for the sensors, we do have the one on the back, but for contact sensors and motion sensors, you can pop off the cover of the device to get the second, same QR code there! This should help for the re-set up process!