See playback in seconds not minutes

Someone tried to break into our car during the night, he was picked up by a neighbours ring but nothing on ours. How can this be possible?
I’ve gone exactly to the period he tried and the playback just skips through in 3 minute intervals which misses the person completely (though I can see a light goes on in the car - I still can’t see any person) how do I break it down so the playback is playing in real time. I have downloaded the hour section onto my phone and it’s only a 6 second clip.

Hi @user64843. I’m sorry to hear about what happened with your car. To clarify, Ring Doorbells do not record 24/7. They will record when motion is detected, when someone rings the bell, or when you activate the Live View. How long the recording is for unanswered events will depend on what your Video Recording Length is set as. I’d suggest reviewing this setting, alongside your motion settings to ensure everything is set to your liking.

You can also utilize the Snapshot Capture feature to take snapshot images at a regular interval. This will help give you an overview of what’s happening at your door between recorded motion, ding, and Live View events. You can learn more about Snapshot Capture here. If you need any additional assistance with your settings, feel free to reach out to our support team.