See 60 days videos in web browser?

I’m trying to review some video from Monday (this is Friday), and I can’t seem to scroll down to it, or filter for it. Can I not see my 60 days of video in a web browser? I have a basic plan.

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Hi @komojo! Your Videos are certainly stored for 60 days depending on subscription status and location. Check out our help center article which will list which countries will have only 30 days of recordings.

Please also ensure your subscription has not lapsed or been cancelled as this can result in a loss of videos. I recommend checking both your Ring app and the browser for these recordings. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I’m having EXACT same issue. I have the Pro plan and I’m paid through July. I can only see 4 days of video. Tried accessing in both Edge and Chrome.

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I am a Pro Plus subscriber, just started, have almost a full year left on my plan. I paid for 60 days of video storage, and via your website, I can only see the last day of recordings. The question is, where ONLINE do you get the 60 days? Please do not answer about what’s on my phone. I’m looking specifically for where my 60 day history is on the website when I log into my paid Ring account. Thank you.

Hey neighbors! You may see limited event history on the website, but rest assured that all event history should be accessible via the mobile app. We are currently working on making improvements to the website online so that neighbors can have the same viewing capabilities on the web as they do on the app, as we were getting reports that there wasn’t as much on when logged in. Please note that you can only see history if you had an active Ring Protect Plan at the time, without a lapse in service after. Any lapse in service will delete old videos that were previously stored, whether accessed on mobile or the web. If you prefer to use your computer as well, and have Windows or Mac, you can download the computer app as well to view your history from the big screen. :slight_smile: