Security Screws for Ring Video Doorbell

I purchased a Ring Video Doorbell from from Home Depot. The two security screws were not included in the box. I called customer support, and they said I needed to talk to Home Depot. I go to Home Depot, and they search all near by stores, but none have the doorbell. HD says if I can find out size of screws, they will give me two. I call Ring customer support again. After 18 minutes, the guy tells me the size of the screws is 35mm, and says he will email me the info. Obviously the screws are not 35mm as that would be like an 1 1/2" bolt. The info he sent me in the email was a link to Amazon for a screw kit, but no info on the size of the screws. Total waste of time and two trips to HD. Does anyone know what size the security screws are? Ring customer service = two thumbs down!

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Don’t know the size but they sell the parts very cheap.
I don’t know what bell you have so here are all 3.

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Any update on this? I just ordered the new Ring 3 doorbell and there weren’t any security screws in it either. I don’t really feel like paying $5 for a replacment set when it really invovled a 10 cent screw I could get at the hardware store.

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No kidding I’ve been trying to get ahold of customer service for days no luck. My screws are stripped did you find out anything?

Hi neighbors! As @Eagle328 shared, spare parts kits including security screws, can be found on our accessories page at

If you are needing to reach out to our support team for further assistance, they are best reached by calling at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

The screws cost ~$0.03 cents. I need a screw, nothing more, nothing less. After spending all this $$ for your product, I find it extremely difficult that you will not divulge this info. Since my Ring is no longer secured to my home, I will need to look at other products on the market. I also own 3 Floodlight cams, which I would gladly replace, just out of principle. This is no way to support those who support you :frowning:

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To toss away products because of a lost screw is over the top. The device even comes with an extra screw. But for 2 bucks you get more and extra parts. If I lose a part, I blame myself and get the part. If you found it for 3 cents, might as well buy one there or buy more in case another gets lost.

Like many of those above, I could not find the two security screws… After cursing much and looking over everything I had laid out on my work table I was going to mount without the screw. When I was gathering up all the plastic protectors, cardboard separators, etc. I found them stapled to a heavy paper strip with large words SECURITY SCREWS on an otherwise trivial piece of what I was going to throw away.

The lesson: look through everything completely. I didn’t. And since there are two security screws provided I will Scotch tape the other one to the inside of the plastic part the screw protects if there is room. That way I will not lose it because I had it laying around and forgot where I put it.


I am missing the security screws for the faceplate of my new Ring 3 doorbell. Can you help?

After reading a previous message of someone not finding the security screws and then looking through all the packaging, I did exactly that. Found them in a 6 cm² Ziploc baggie with the tiny, tiny level tucked inside the heavy cardboard pocket. Unless I had been searching for them certainly would have thrown them away. Also found a sticker to put on my door that said protected by ring. Just FYI.

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I just bought video doorbell 3 today from target, and there is no security screw either. It seems they put the wrong screws to the bag because there are five mounting screws, but only use four.

Can someone really help how to get a security screw? Just don’t want to remove the installed doorbell and return it because of a tiny security screw.


Look inside the packaging. They are in a tiny bag under one of the cardboard flaps.

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Yup! True enough security screws were tucked right in there, way inside one of those pockets. Thanks!

Yeah, they really hide it. But in a way that’s a good thing, forces you to really identify it. For those who are still looking, on the ring device there’s a blue piece of cardboard sticking out of the bottom of it (where the battery will slide in). Attached to that piece of cardboard is a very small ziplock bag with two screws in it.