Security Screws for Battery Cover - Stick Up Cam

The security screws that were supplied with my Battery-version Stick Up Cam just fall out - they aren’t the right size. Ring customer service would not supply a replacement and claimed Home Depot would have it. But they don’t… A set of security screws I bought on Amazon don’t fit either - diameter too small. Does anyone know the thread size/diameter, type and length of screws that fit the bottom battery cover? It’s a vulnerable design without a security screw. This is an unfortunate design issue. Ring should step up to the plate and solve it.

As long as the Stick Up Camera was purchased as new within the new packaging, the security screws included should fit. Double check the hardware and packaging to ensure there are not other screws there. If not, our Spare Parts Kits at will contain security screws.

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None of the spare parts kits specifically mention the Stick Up Camera. There are several spare parts kits, and possibly different security screw sizes. Which one, if any, has security screws that fit the Stick Up Camera? The security screws in the original package do not fit. There were 2 types of screws in the original package - (3) wood screws with plastic expansion shields, and (4) very small Philips head machine screws with tiny gaskets. The tiny machine screws fall right out. They are not the same as the Torx head screws in my ring doorbells. So, please tell me the screw size and type that secures the bottom battery cover.

Ironically if you buy the ceiling mounts for the stick up cams those come with the screw that fits to lock the battery in and it has a hex shaped to it. But yeah the ones in the stick up cam version threes have too thick of thread Screws it won’t fit