Security Light Issue

I am new to this. So, I have a wireless Ring Spot light camera on my lanai. I sit out there a lot. As such, I set the light OFF from 6:30am-9:30pm and put the camera in Home mode so as not to turn the light on or get any motion alerts.
When I go to bed, I set the camera to away (usually 10pm) I assume the lights will then go on as the schedule is now past 9:30.
The lights do not go on after 9:30, unless I disable the light off schedule. In addition, By disabling the schedule and going back to Home, lights are going on when motion is detected.
All I want is lights and alerts when I need them. The scheduling doesn’t seem to be working properly. Any help is appreciated!!!

Hi @BeachMemories. I would first check your Mode Settings to ensure that your Camera has the correct settings enabled for the mode you have it in at 10 PM. After your schedule, the light should behave how you’ve selected it to with your Mode Settings.