Security Keypad Not Working

I have a keypad that stopped working last night and went offline at 12:16 AM. It said in the app to plug it in to charge the battery (the battery is nearly full) or move it closer to the base station but neither worked. This morning I retried the connection but the app said something went wrong. I also tried reconfiguring it but the app again said something went wrong. After a couple of attempts I got it removed from the app but it won’t reconnect.

I won’t have time to call until later this evening, but any thoughts on what happened?

Hi @Danny8890. It’s difficult to say what might have caused this. I can suggest following the steps in this Help Center article here to get your Keypad operational again.

I did call and they had me press the reset button and the key pad came back on.

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Glad to hear that your Keypad is functioning, @Danny8890.

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