Security flood light camera - flood light flickering

The floodlight cam started to flash a couple of weeks ago. I have tried resetting it, and ran device health report. Nothing seems to fix it and the light intensity is becoming very weak as well. Any suggestions of what I can do?

Hey @dinesh_4. Could you try disconnecting power to the device for a little while before booting it back up? In addition, you can try resetting it by pressing and holding the setup button for 30 seconds. If it still does not seem to help out the light, please contact our support team here via phone.

Thank you for the link to call! I called support and spoke with Josseluna. She very patiently walked me through some very simple steps to verify my flood light camera unit was defective after just over two years (I think)…but I had purchased the extended warranty with the annual coverage…and so they are sending me a new unit to replace the defective one.
Thank you so much Josseluna, for your clear explanations and patience as my dog kept setting off the cameras and the notifications kept obscuring the digits I was trying to read!!

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