Security Cams Working Again!!

I am so pleased today! After months of not having my side security cam it is working again! These fllod light cams are quitre expensive and I have 4 of them in total. Many months ago the side cam light starting acting up as it was burning out. It was like having a strobe light on the side of my house. Since the bulbs in these cams can not be replaced it was quite annoying to myself and my neighbors.

The camera still worked but we couldn’t turn it on without the light strobing so had to quit using the light.

One day in March I decided to call Ring and try once again to fix this problem with them. I was totally amazed when without me even asking them they offered to send me a brand new light free of c harge!! All I had to do was to send them back to old light, and they even supplied a shipping label to send it back.

Ring has renewed my faith in the support that was given. I am so happy to have all 4 of my flood light cameras working again!


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