Security Cameras - High Mounting Options for Coverage

Would like to mount (4) security cams around our house with one on each side. This is a 2-story structure with gabled ends, so mounting heights for under-soffit install end up being much higher than Ring’s examples.

Could someone clarify if throw distance of the sensors will be an issue for these locations? I can cut a piece of blocking angled as needed to adjust coverage for the height vs. distance out from the house (cap with brake metal as needed). Ring instructions suggest a level install will have a 30’ range if mounted 9’H.

South Side - Garage Gable
* 15’H at building wall
* 20’H above sidewalk level
* stop sensor monitor zone at sidewalk, 26’ out

West Side - End Gable

* 25’H at Building Wall
* 26’H above sidewalk level
* stop sensor monitor zone at sidewalk, 38’ out

North Side - Low End Eaves
* 17’H above deck
* 24’H above backyard low
* stop sensor monitor zone 40’ out

East Side - End Gable
* 20’H at building wall
* 22’H at sideyard low
* stop sensor monitor zone 25’ out

I’d like to keep mounting heights up for better protection of the device, along with less obstruction by trees. Please let me know if this is an option.

Two other questions:
Is the flood light verison required to get decent lighting/detection at these heights?
Does the ‘people detection’ feature omit movement of trees? Ours tend to sway when it gets breezy.

Please let me know.

Glad you asked @danviento! You are correct in noticing our mounting recommendation is 9 feet. This is the same for all of our powered cameras, such as the Floodlight Cam and Spotlight Cam. Mounting around 9 feet allows for optimal motion detection range for both video and lights triggering. This height will also deliver the best experience with two way audio, video quality, and wifi signal.

Check out our help center article about proper positioning for a visual on how the Camera operates at this height. While mounting higher than 9 feet is acceptable, we find that neighbors will have to fully optimize motion settings at around 15 feet for intended capture. We do not recommend mounting higher than this, as the field of view, range of view, and range of detection will be much less than if mounted at required height.

When mounting the Cameras higher than 9 feet, please also keep in mind the proximity to the closest wifi signal. If the router must communicate wifi upwards through multiple floors, interior walls, and exterior walls, there may be some interference along the way. Considering these factors will help greatly in ensuring you are getting the most out of your Cameras. Feel free to check around the Community as well, to see if other neighbors shared a similar solution. :slight_smile:

If we mount cameras 15’ above lowest ground level, they will definitely have full sun and weather exposure. Will this have any affect on:

  1. The sensor’s effectiveness/longevity?
  2. The housing’s lifecycle? - UV and weather exposure being what they are…

I positioned our south-facing doorbell to avoid these issues (check your azimuth charts!).

FYI, our router location would make for BETTER reception with cameras posted above the second floor.

Unanswered Q’s:
3. Is the floodlight model required for affective lighting of subjects from the higher elevation?
4. Does the ‘detect people’ function help filter out motion alerts from swaying trees?

Please let me know - would be nice to understand these answers without having to temporarily buy a unit just to test.


Hi @danviento. When dealing with weather, it will depend on how extreme the conditions can get in your area. Our outdoor rated Cameras are weather resistant, however, extreme climate or torrential excessive rain might impact the Camera. Direct sunlight is ok, and as long as temperatures do not drop below or exceed -22°F to 120°F (-30°C to 48.5°C), most weather conditions are ok.

As environments differ, I can generally say that Floodlight Cams provide adequate lighting, and their lights can be adjusted for more advantageous positioning. The Floodlight Camera features two 3000° Kelvin floodlights, if this helps when compared to your desired mounting areas.

People Only Mode will only alert you to motions detected that have been caused by people. While all valid motion events will still be recorded by your Ring device, People Only Mode can reduce the number of notifications you receive to only those caused by human beings.

Hi -

Great questions. I have very similar height requirements. I’m planning to replace existing wired under-eaves flood lights with Ring security cams.

Did you install the Ring cams, and if so, what has your experience been like? Or, did you choose another solution?