Security camera


I am suffering noise abuse from an upstairs neighbour in my block of flats.

I want a camera that I can put up inside the stairwell that points at my front door only. I have been looking at the wireless option.

An anyone help me with a few questions. Does the camera record all the time or does it just record when motion has been sensored?

How long does the battery last on the camera?

Do you think this is the best option for me? Or could anyone recommend a different product?

I really need to get this sorted ASAP, and thank you for your replies

Hi @Help_needed. Our Cameras are motion activated and record when motion is detected. We do have a Snapshot Capture feature that allows you to fill in the blanks between recordings. More information on that feature can be found here. The battery in our Ring Devices will typically last for around 800-900 recorded events. Let me know if you have anymore questions.