Security Camera settings stopped working

A few days ago our two outdoor hardwired security light/cameras simultaneously began to ignore their behavior settings, apparently when I updated my iPhone Ring app. One was scheduled to be on 7 pm-7 am; the other, on the other side of the house, only when nocturnal movement was detected. Neither now goes on under these conditions. Had worked properly since installation 12/20.

The cameras still function normally, and the lights themselves are fine, we can turn them on manually through the Lights dashboard, but even by erasing the previous settings and restoring them, we cannot make them follow a schedule or to light up when the camera detects motion. Ideas?

This is odd to hear of, @DMargulisNJ! Removing and adding the schedule again was a great step. Please ensure there is not a vpn enabled on your mobile device when attempting this, as well as attempting on another mobile device if possible. As the lights are working via Ring app light toggle, they should definitely work with motion detection.

Aside from the light scheduling, motion events activating lights should be adjustable via your Ring Camera Device Settings in the Ring app, and more specifically the Light Settings in there. Although this doesn’t help with light scheduling, let us know any observations you have when attempting to change these settings in the Ring app.

Marley, the good news is that the problem has auto-resolved but in a really weird way. Three days after my original post (with both lights usable only by toggling them off and on) the one that was originally set to light upon detecting nocturnal motion suddenly decided to work again. I then tried (for a second time) setting the other camera to light on motion only, but no good. Yet two days later that second camera did start to light on motion and two days after that it resumed its correct function of following a calendar, all without any intervention by me or any other authorized user. So now both lights are working properly. Thanks for your reply, and I guess we’ll put it down as one of life’s unsolved mysteries.

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Hi @DMargulisNJ. Although this is very strange, I’m glad that all is working like it should!