Security Camera resolution

Hi everyone,
I have a security camera installed in our backyard, and the resolution seems bad. I’ve verified internet speed, router location, device health, and spoke with support today. (Support told me that how I’ve set my zones could be impacting image/video quality. )
I have a google WiFi mesh and the camera sits about 15 feet from the closest WiFi point. Testing the WiFi mesh, the connection to the camera is excellent (94Mbps).

Is the quality of the linked image typical? Or are my expectations too high?
I welcome any other suggestions.


No, that is not acceptable, having the same issues here. Fast WiFi, low RSSI on 4 cameras and still poor resolution, seems more likely to be Ring server speed issues

No, that level of image quality falls way below what the Ring cameras are capable of. Have you checked what a recorded video looks like when you download it to your phone/tablet?

Thanks, all. I’ve continued to troubleshoot, moved routers, to no avail. Downloaded quality is same as live view. RSSI is 59, and I ran the WiFi speed check as Ring suggests and speeds were deemed fine. I’m stumped. Will try to call ring support again. Last time they were of little help.

Tried to view the image and says it is in “owner’s trash”. Has it been deleted?

Update: I called in to support again and got an agent that was very helpful. He observed that the images didn’t look to be a resolution issue, but a focus issue. After a bit of troubleshooting, they sent me a new camera ( reconditioned). I installed it this week and problem solved.

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