Security Camera. Filtering Night Time Motions

We love our new Ring Security Camera.
But when the sun goes down, we have discovered the “Circus” that is our backyard.

The Wasps seem to be out early this year. We see motion detection of small flying circles that must be bugs of some sort. Maybe it’s flies or Fairies.

We did not know we had some many stray cats in our neck of the wood. Cat chasing Cat & Cat chasing Squirrel.

As folks drive down the road, their headlights project onto the side of the house. We can’t block out the area because it’s right by the backdoor.

The flying bug thing could be fixed with a trap of some sort. But is there a way to set a minimum motion detection to filter out stuff a foot away from the camera?

The cat parade might be solved by sprinkling coffee grounds on the path in front of the camera. Should I try the People-Only tweak?

The biggest issue is the headlight. As people drive around the curve of our road it looks like a search light crawling across the side of the house. The road is 150 feet from the camera and the camera is mounted 35 feet from the house. Is there a way to reduce the IR setting a bit to filter out the headlights?

I’m sure there is some people that have discovered some tricks.
Love to hear any ideas.

I can’t share a video from this device, but I can let you see an example video later if that helps.

Hi @mwutzke. You are on the right path by adjusting your Motion Settings and Light Settings. Another important factor would be the positioning of your Camera. This Help Center article here will show you how to optimize your Motion Settings and this on here for your Light Settings. This Help Center article here will show you how to ensure that your Camera is properly placed. I hope this information helps!