Security Camera Disconnecting

I have a Ring security camera that is on the North side of my garage within 15 feet of another on the west side of my garage. The West side camera connects to wifI with an Echo wifi boost about 15 feet away in side the garage. Yet the camera on the North side will not stay connected to the wifi. My bandwidth is 12.98 Mbps download and 45.10 Mbps upload tested on my iphone. Ethernet connection at router by Speedtest 577.09 Mbps download and 37.25 Mbps upload. What is the solution?

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Hi @DrK. Can you let us know which model of Camera you have as well as what the RSSI number is from the Device Health screen? You can reference our Community Post on RSSI here to learn more about it. Each Camera likely has a different RSSI, which is why one is not maintaining a stable connection compared to the other.