Security Cam Feature Request

I love that the flood light comes on when motion is detected in my Ring Flood Spotlight, but I wish I could adjust how long the light stays on. When I take the garbage out, it lights the way when it detects me, but the light turns off before I make it back to the gate and the elapsed time isn’t enough to trigger a new motion alert that turns the light back on. I would like to see a variable amount of time that light stays on.

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Hey @boothnbren! If you have a Floodlight Cam or a Spotlight Cam Wired/ Mount, there is a way to obtain this. Visit your Camera device page in the Ring app and go to Device Settings. From there, select Light Settings then Motion Zones for Lights. If you scroll down, you will see an option to set duration for lights to stay on after being triggered. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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My spotlight cam is not wired. And I can’t find anywhere in the settings that allow me to adjust the amount of time the spotlight is on. Am I correct in this assumption?

Correct @boothnbren! At this time the Battery powered Spotlight Cam does not have this option for the purpose of preserving battery life. I’ll be happy to share your interest in this feature with the team though! :slight_smile:


I have the Ring Spotlight Cam (solar). I would like the spotlight to stay on longer when it triggers. My camera is at the front door; under heavy use it might run my battery down by 5% over night, but my solar panel recharges the battery to 100% by 10am the next day. Thirty seconds just isn’t enough time when someone comes to the door. It would be nice to make the duration the light stays on configurable (direct entry, slider, increments of 30 seconds, etc). In my case I’d start with 1 minute. I currently have a solar light (not Ring) in my backyard. The light is set to 3 mins and my batteries are always charged (never runs out of power)

Thank you.


Would really like this feature. 15 seconds is not enough time to get out my keys and open the door. I bought an extra battery so that I can have more flexibility when it comes to settings like this! Thanks.

I would also love to vote for adding this feature on the battery/solar flood light.

The current duration doesn’t provide enough time for me… The only workaround is to launch the ring app and turn the device on for 5 minutes, this isn’t ideal for all house members. I would love to default it at 5 minutes so I can take the dog out in the garden without it suddenly going dark at night even if it impacts the battery life.

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